Building Toys

Toys are an excellent way to develop fine and gross motor skills while also developing imaginative and symbolic play. Using the same toy in different ways, alone or with friends is a wonderful way to enhance critical foundational skills.

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Kids are feeling out of touch and parents are unsure of how to keep them safely socially connected. Here are two, easy to use templates that will bring renewed excitement to kids and peace of mind for parents.


Games are often the first time kids learn to compromise. Playing games combines both cognitive and social skills such as planning, communication, and building frustration tolerance.


Both reading and listening to books helps kids understand the world around them. Books help spark curiosity and allow the reader to develop empathy for people and explore places that might not otherwise in real life.


Journaling is a valuable tool to express feelings and self-reflect without judgement. It serves to process those feelings in one’s own time and space.