SBKC helps children strengthen their friendship skills and improve the quality of their social interactions. We use fun, interactive activities that center on teamwork, problem solving and communication.. In today’s competition obsessed culture, SBKC helps kids feel the value in playing with others over playing against others.

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What's more important in your students' lives than their social relationships? Their ability to cooperate, adapt and genuinely enjoy their peers is going to propel them to succeed in all aspects of life. Learn how to create and run fun and effective Social Skills Groups for your students with this one of a kind professional learning opportunity.

Our focus



Developing meaningful and positive peer relationships among our members is central to SBKC. Research has shown that early peer relationships set the stage for later social interactions and significantly affect happiness and self-esteem.



Working together to accomplish something produces better results than working alone which is why we emphasize teamwork with all our activities. Exchanging and communicating ideas allows kids to benefit from their friends’ strengths and talents.



The ability to understand and share the feelings of others is a key predictor of later success. It not only helps children be understanding of others; it helps them understand the world around them. Empathy paves the way for kindness and compassion.


Children increase and strengthen peer relationships through participating in group activities that enhance their interpersonal skills and increase a positive sense of self.

All groups are facilitated by experienced Behavior Analysts and are kept small to ensure that the individual needs of our students are being met. Everyone in the group is valued and our worlds are brightened by getting to know each other. We target specific social skills into each purposeful activity we plan. Cooperative games and activities provide a fun way to promote flexibility, kindness and teamwork.

What Parents are Saying

" My son has been attending the Socialization class for almost a year and has learned so many essential socializing skills. Prior to this class, he did not have social skills and was really struggling. His behaviors have improved tremendously and he looks forward to his group sessions every Sunday. The group activities and games have taught him to win appropriately and lose appropriately. He has matured so much and learned about teamwork. He is now able to verbalize his emotions with his peers instead of getting upset and acting out. I would highly recommend SBKC. "

Ann L. Palos Verdes

" Since my son started this group I have seen such amazing progress. Family members and teachers have all commented on how much my son has changed. Diana is hands on with helping the kids grow socially while also knowing the right moments to back up and let the learning happen. My family is incredibly grateful for the existence of this program. It was the turning point for us. "


Meet Diana Cortese: BCBA & Founder of South Bay Kids Connection

I was lucky enough to chat with the folks at ShoutOut LA about the "why" behind SBKC.

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Building toys are keys that open up imaginations.They also serve as tools to develop and practice fundamental early learning skills. But perhaps more importantly, building materials lend themselves perfectly for practicing social skills!

Meet Diana

Hi! I’m the founder of South Bay Kids Connection!

I have been so lucky to have worked with and learned from so many different families, schools and cultures that have inspired me to create SBKC.

My career started at the prestigious New England Center for Children, where I obtained my Master Degree in Special Education, as I worked with students with intense needs in a residential setting. I continued my journey in Manhattan, this time working with the little ones in the Early Intervention program. After obtaining my Behavior Analyst Certification in 2000, I moved to Madrid, Spain where I served families as a BCBA consultant.

Since moving to the South Bay in 2010, I have had the great opportunity to work in and understand the school system inside and out both as a professional and a parent. One thing that alarmed me was that due to the school academic schedule, kids had very little time to hone their social and cooperative play skills. It was either structured academic learning or a free for all at recess time.

I knew I had to form a fun and welcoming environment that provided the right positive support for kids to develop and practice the critical skills they need to form meaningful friendships. Social connections are directly related to long term health and happiness and that is the ultimate goal of South Bay Kids Connection.

Diana Cortese
South Bay Kids Connection Founder
Board Certified Behavior Analyst