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What we are missing about Growth Mindset

A person’s behavior will not change unless it’s worth it. And especially for children, the reward needs to come quick.


Preparing our kids for the "Real World"

We place importance on kids gaining knowledge that will prepare them for their future. Or, as almost every teacher has said at least once, “the real world.” Cue the eye rolls from the back of the class.


Why we all need a Family Mantra

How do my kids know what behaviors are expected in our family? How do they know, in a stressful or confusing situation, how to recognize a line that they cannot cross?


Combating Social Emotional Double Standards Facing Boys

How are we teaching our boys to be compassionate and able to cope with stress in healthy ways?


Learning to Lose

Oh the tears... you know they are coming... You try to be a good parent, encourage less time on electronics, but you also know you are potentially facing game pieces strewn on the floor, slammed doors, and cries of "No fair!"


Get on Board! Learn Social Skills Through Board Games

The benefits of board games go way beyond turn taking and good sportsmanship. They improve memory, critical thinking skills and processing speed.


How Can My Child Make a Friend?

Childhood friendships are something most of us can look back on with great fondness. Perhaps that’s why when our children do not seem to be able to form the same type of bonds, it can be a bit heartbreaking.


5 Tips for the Perfect Play Date

Holding a play date is a wonderful way for you to provide your child the opportunity to have fun with a friend and at the same time gain valuable insight on how your child socializes.


Building a Social Network For the Non-sporty Kid

Team sports. There is no question that they are amazing for physical, cognitive and social development. So many important social emotional skills are taught through working together and exercising the body.

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Why doesn’t my child have any friends at school?

The bewildering, often gut wrenching question many parents have asked themselves- my child is so sweet and wonderful, how are the other kids not seeing this?


Top 4 Picks for Table Top Games

While all tabletop games have value and teach skills, some just lend themselves more naturally to incorporating social skills than others.


Social Play - It’s Complicated!

Ever look at a group of school children playing a game of tag? From afar you see lots of running around, sporadic chatter, laughter. It seems so effortless.


3 Easy ways to turn any activity into a Social Activity

There are so many great cooperative activities kiddos can work on together but even independent activities can be social just by being mindful of a few details.